Board Emeritus Members

The meeting to establish the Southeast Therapeutic Recreation Symposium (STRS), in its current structure, was held at the NRPA Congress in Minneapolis, MN in 1981. The first Board of Directors pledged to cover any losses resulting from the 1982 STRS so the STRS Board of Directors could offer the symposium as a continuing education opportunity in the southeast.

 The following list identifies the founding members of the STRS Board of Directors in 1981 (identified by the navy font) and those who were members at the time STRS was incorporated (identified by the asterisk *) on 12/19/1984. Those who first rotated off the STRS Board of Directors in March of 1984 are identified by the notation >. All individuals who are former members of the Board of Directors have been recognized as SRTS Board Emeritus.

 Founding, Incorporating and Board Emeritus Members of SRTS:

Bob Beland

Charlie Bullock*

Cathy Burdett

Gene Hayes*

Ann James*

Al Kaye*

Jesse Mann*

Helen Mills >

Jean Mundy

Marsha Nicholson

George Patrick*

Martha Peters

Bob Price

Jeanne Pollock >

Kent Rindfleisch

Pat Shealy

William Touchstone*

Andrew Weiner

Ray West*

Joe Wilson*

Jean Keller*

Tom Stroffregen*

Rene Katsinas

Joyce Myatt

Dan Ancone

Elaine Dempsey

Mike Marshall

Barb Trader

John Datillo

Suzanne Shover

Stephanie Cate

Judy Boykin

Amy O’Donnell

Lynn Hedden

Peg Connolly*

Max Appel

Doug Nieland

Beverly Hummel-Azzaro

Richard “Butch” Patterson >

Kathy Durden

Bob Raynor

Janet Albers

Sheridan Black

Sarah Vining

 Thom Skalko

Paul Burchuk

Jo Lewis

Beth Weiser

Wayne Pollock

Pam Wilson

Laurence Evans

 Lisa Morgan