Call for Posters


Call for Posters is closed at this time

Call for Posters must be submitted by February 1, 2024.

SRTS invites recreational therapy professionals, educators, and students to submit abstracts for the 2024 SRTS Al Kaye Practice Poster Session. The primary purpose for practice poster presentations is to showcase intervention programs that produce client outcomes. This is an excellent opportunity to share recent successes and challenges with fellow professionals. A $50.00 symposium registration discount will be granted for each poster accepted. Works in progress will be considered for acceptance.

Session Format:
Presenters create a poster that will be fastened to a freestanding display panel. Suggested size for posters is up to 36 by 48 inches. Design, coloration, etc., is up to the author, but the poster should look professional and be easy to read from four feet away. Further details will be communicated directly to poster presenters.

Poster Session Presentation:
Attendees will circulate among the displays, talking informally with presenters. The poster session is one hour long and will occur during the SRTS Social, March 27, 2024, although the posters will be displayed throughout the entire symposium. Each poster should have at least one individual available during the actual poster session.

Benefits of Participation:
Network…initiate collaboration efforts…provide service to the profession…receive feedback for professional development…help promote the benefits of recreational therapy among a diverse audience of SRTS delegates!

Proposal Format:
Send your proposal to Angela Wozencroft,

All Intervention Abstracts should be limited to one page, single spaced (Times New Roman 12 pt. font, with 1 inch margins) and must include:

  • Poster Title (10 word limit)
  •  Intervention program overview (300 word limit; brief synopsis of the program including the setting and population served; any evidence from the literature that supports the program)
  • Client goals (minimum of three)
  • Assessment tools/techniques (100 word limit; who is appropriate for the program)
  • Staffing (50 word limit)
  • Process (300 word limit; describe how the program is implemented including frequency and length of sessions)
  • Evaluation (75 word limit; how the program is evaluated)
  • Client outcomes (150 word limit)
  • Suggestions for replication (100 word limit; how other practitioners can implement the program)
  • Presenter(s) and contact information (Name as you want it printed in the final program, agency/facility/institution, address, phone, and email. Note: The first presenter listed will be considered the primary contact person.

All Research Abstracts should be limited to one page, single spaced (Times New Roman, 12 pt. font,  with 1 inch margins) and must include:

  • Authors’ first and last names, credentials and affiliations
  • Research Title (limit to 25 words)
  • Research Background overview (Introduction and Literature review)
  • Purpose
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References (APA 6th edition should be used)

For questions or clarifications please reach out to us at